I'm at 38 weeks now. Wow! I guess William's early birth really was just a fluke. Elanor was born at 39 weeks (spontaneous labor, no induction) so I hope this baby comes by then. I don't know if I can last much longer -- I'm so anxious to meet this little one!

Another update

Still here, still pregnant. I'm now 36w4d, making this my 2nd-longest pregnancy (I delivered William at 36w3d). I had an appointment last Thursday, and I'm already 1cm dilated and starting to efface. Seems like things may be happening sooner rather than later, and that's fine with me -- I'm anxious to meet this baby!

Luckily, we are pretty much ready -- hospital bag is packed, bouncy seat and swing are set up, car seat is almost ready to be installed (just need to put the cover back on and adjust the straps). We did the hospital tour on Wednesday night and were pleased with the facility.

Come on, Baby!

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